About Me


I am Synnøve and I am passionate about helping women to unleash their potential.  There is SO much unused potential and wisdom in women, and I’m here to help you step out of your comfort zone and create your dream life! Empowering women to reach their highest potential is my speciality.


Here’s my mission:

I´m excited about this because I believe that feminine leadership and being in community is hugely important in these turbulent times that we are living in.  I will take you on an adventure where we will release your magical woman within so you can step more fully into your inherent power and make a difference both for yourself and the people around you.


As a child I always felt that I did not fit in – I felt different.   My brother used to tease me that I must be adopted because I was so different from the rest of my family!  I believe I am born a nomad.  I have always had this yearning to wander and travel.  And I was also born very shy, so it took some time to acquire the courage to break loose.


And have later found out that I am an HSP – Highly Sensitive Person with a preferance to go into hiding, I can also now understand why it took me so long to find my purpose.  As an HSP is has taken me a long time to acknowledge and appreciate my special strengths .


My mother saw the free spirit in me and one of the Christmas presents I remember the most, was a book she gave me when was about 12.  It was called ´Without borders´- written by a woman who had travelled the ´hippie trail´ in the 60´s and 70´s.  And the part that I remember the best was her journey through North Africa and Sahara towards Timbuktu.


As a child, I loved to draw and paint, but I was encouraged to take a proper education and get a proper job, so I did and held a job for about 25 years.  Then I discovered coaching which has enabled me to create my dream life – to work from wherever I want with whomever I want,  when I want.  And low and behold – through many winding roads and sidetracks I have now ended up living in Marrakech – Morocco!


After moving here, I remembered the book from my childhood –  It is like Paolo Coelho says in the Alchemist – “If you have a dream, the whole universe will conspire to help your wish come through.”


For many years I had forgotten that this was my wish, but the universe remembered and now I am here!  And I am loving it!

I know how easy it is to just go with the comfort of everyday life.  I also know how life can catch up and bury you in the daily humdrum day in and day out – and you feel like the old saying:  And the days went by one after the other and little did I know that it was this that was life…


I have felt like this a few times, and then I have looked in the mirror and told myself to “go and get a life.”  That has been from taking a loooong holiday in South America to take a leave of absence and go work on a cruiseship to quitting my regular job 8 years ago.


Everyone thought I was crazy AND quitting my steady job has been the best I have ever done. I learned to trust that everything would work out, and because of this, I had the courage to move abroad to a completely different world!


As for my more formal training, I began my coaching practice in 2002 and conducted my training with the internationally renowned Coaches Training Institute where I earned my Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) distinction and completed the year-long Co-Active Leadership Development training. And I have advanced training in personal and organizational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC).


Here’s a couple of interesting personal facts about me:


I can dance Argentinian tango – I used to travel to Buenos Aires and dance around the clock!  I am a foodie – I know a LOT about good and healthy food!  I love to eat!  AND I love chocolate…


And here’s why I love helping people:


I love to help people create a good life for themselves.  It is SO rewarding when people see their own greatness.


Do you want to feel your own greatness?


I invite you for a discovery session with me to explore what YOUR journey looks and feels like.


Click the link here, come work with me and go on your life’s adventure!