What clients say about me


Coaching with Synnøve not only brought out my best self, it helped me see exactly what it’s yearning for and the moments of my life where it’s been coming up, but I’ve been – for whatever reason – undercutting it.

Synnøve not only helped me identify my hero, which was hard, but interpret and understand what specifically my deepest self is craving more of in the world. Through our work, I’m starting to ask – more deeply – where am I already seeing my true self spring forth? And how can I encourage more of that, not by “doing” anything, but just by letting more of it happen?

Synnove’s no-nonsense approach makes space for authentic silence, holds a wise, grounded container around questions of deeper self, and helps clarify what to do – or stop doing – next (from exactly where you are) in order to start to see your true potential, the stuff you want most, actually begin unfolding without punishment in the life you’re dying to lead.

I would recommend Synnove particularly to anyone who’s nervous about the coaching process, and really just knows that ‘being seen’ will be a big thing – and maybe even enough for them. Her tone is calm, grounded, ready, not too eager (which in some situations is so absolutely crucial)… and for me, these combined magically such that she powerfully created relief.

Our true self WANTS to be seen. And Synnove knows how to call it up and see it.

Megan Goering, Consultant, San Fransisco, USA



This retreat with Synnøve was fantastic! Getting out of the everyday life and have ´long` thoughts. I´ve gained a deep insight in myself – gotten awareness about my patterns. I have released and let go of old patterns and conquered fears. This has been a fantastic experience on all levels – it has been like a movie that I will play for a long time ahead. I have learned a lot about trust and faith and my selftrust has been strenghtened. And I´ve gained new confidence.

Synnøve is like the oracle in Delfi – she has an enormous range in her knowledge and the ability to draw the lines and connect the dots in a genious way.

I often find the ´alternative´ world a bit superficial, but Synnøve has a unique total competency and the ability to go in depth with her wide range of knowledge. She is truly unique and has everything in one person . She is all in one! And she sees people so clearly

Thank you, thank you – I am grateful. I have gotten so much input and this retreat has been perfect!

Sidsel Humberset, Entrepreneur, Bergen, Norway



I am so grateful for these days in Marrakech.  I really liked the women/Goddess focus, because I´m looking for sisterhood.  I have gotten a lot of insight.  Synnøve is very good at seeing the whole picture and connecting the dots.  She is remarkable with remembering what I have said and get to the core of it, pull out the essence and reflect it back to me.

This makes me see my patterns in a new light. I have gained great consciousness around what direction I want to take and the person I want to be.  Now it feels like there is no space for fear, self doubt or low self confidence. I have gotten more trust in myself and have taken a big step out of fear.
I have gained awareness of allowing more abundance into my life.  I feel I am more myself and have gotten more clarity on my path from here

And the diversity of this magical city has truly added a magical flavour to the whole thing.

I feel ready to conquer the world!

Ton Karin Andersen, Consultant, Norway


I came to this retreat in urgent need of change. I got what I came for and what I was supposed to have right now.

I had to have change and I have now stepped up to the next level. I have gotten new insights in what has held me back.

I had no expectations before going to this retreat. I needed liberation and I got that and even more. I experienced tansformation. I got back my joy, my enthusiasm, my energy and the magic of life.
I shed many layers of old patterns and found my drive and power.

I got new tools to keep me on track for the time ahead. I gained new consciousness and total clarity around who I am and my purpose.

I got invaluable help to connect the dots in my life and I got back my life, my inspiration and my love.

Marrakech felt very right with its vibrant atmosphere. Being here has helped me shed many layers – it was inevitable here. The whole city is an adventure. It brings back fairy tales from my childhood which made me rediscover the magic in my inner world today. The intense energy of this city was alternated with the silence inside of the Riad where we stayed. A good silence to work, rest and sleep in.

The excursion was a breath of fresh air. It also gave a good picture of the diversity of this country and provided new perspectives.

The structure of this retreat has been good – many new impressions that have contributed to bring me closer to myself and have increased my feeling of selfworth. Synnøve has a trustworthy and healing energy. I trusted that her leadership would tak me where I needed to go and I got that and more. She has a gift of making scary transformation feel safe and easy.

I feel that I have straightened my body during these days and have achieved a powerful posture.

People told me afterwards that I looked 20 years younger!

Maj-Lis Klingan, Guesthouse owner, Norway


This retreat was intense and at the same time relaxing. It was unpredictable in a positive way. I learned to let go of control and to have trust. The work was relaxed and structured – it was fun to have the Goddesses as a theme throughout. It was a week full of impressions both from the outside and the inside – it was an exciting week that brought me out of my comfortzone in a good way.

I will also add that the venue took really good care of my special diet requirements.

The Atlas excursion was a welcome break from the intense inner work and the full on energy of the city.

I got what I came for and can hardly wait to get home and get started. I have gotten clarity and I bring home what I was searching for.

B. W.  Pediatric intensive care nurse & Juice Bar entrepreneur


I am an intuitive gifted healer and mental coach. I have helped shed some light into people’s life path as well as my own.  But there are some moments in life, were the road comes to an end (or you can’t see beyond). This can a be sign of a big transformation period – which is scary to some and a blessing to others. I knew that I needed an angels advice and I kept loudly asking for one.

God sent me to Synnøve for a Clarity session, and in less than ten minutes, my energy changed completely and I saw the neglected points. By the end of an hour, all thoughts were rebuilt into a clear picture. I knew were to start from and what to work on. Not only that but also my heart relaxed again as if I knew that my energy went back to its clarity.

It is an honor to connect and share my experience.

Abeer Khiami, Intuitive healer and coach, UAE


Synnøve was truly amazing! Extremely comfortable to speak with. She clarified emotions that I couldn’t explain and exposed gifts that I had. One lesson learned is to follow your instincts and emotions. I am in a new discovery transition. Thanks to the gifts that this lovely woman has,  I may now step out and do what I was called to do on this earth. I would surely recommend her to everyone!

Shenice Rodriguez, Spiritual medium, Texas, USA


I simply wanted to express and share my gratitude and joy after speaking with you . You brought me clarity, and enlightenment on situations I have been confused about for a while. Your words brought a smile to my face , and you have filled me with positivity.

And I can´t believe what happened right after our session! I opened my Facebook and there was a message with a request from a client who wanted me to translate her website – my first client!

Thank you!

Michelle Rdz, Interpreter and entrepreneur, Texas, USA


Synnøve is a person who is excellent in catching and seeing what needs to happen next, she is fearless for what needs to be done and do not withdraw from difficult situations. She has an outstanding ability to discover and unravel subtle signals. She is powerful and inhabits a deep presence. She is engaged and passionate and is driven by a strong belief that it is possible to make a difference and that all human beings has their path and their growth. She is extremely knowledgeable and curious and has an answer to almost everything you ask.

It is a true pleasure to work with her.

Lotta Wretblad, Coach and Co-leader, Stockholm, Sweden