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Life does not turn out according to plan

As I told you in my last mail, I got the urge to change my life radically. That happened about a year and a half ago. I just got that feeling:

It´s now or never.


For some of you, a change may be to change workplace or location – I knew that for me it involved a bigger change and I felt that if I was willing to open myself to the possibilities, they would present themselves.


I had no idea how this change was going to look, I just knew that I wanted to follow this calling and live my lifes purpose


What I did know was that I wanted to put 100% focus on my coachbusiness, so in the first place I signed up for a coachingretreat in Bali – a Money Goddess retreat at the cost of 8000$ plus airfare!


I had no idea where to get the money, I just knew I had to go. So for the first time in my life, I opted in for creditcard debt – there is a first time for everything! (And it turned out that the money thing sorted itself out)


During this course, I realized that in order to put full focus on my business, I had to go live somewhere else, otherwise it would be too easy to do other things ( I knew myself that much)


I had at that point for the last 7 years been traveling a lot in Morocco, so when it came to choosing my location the natural choice for me was to go and stay in Marrakech.



Jonh Lennon


 Sunrise view from my balcony in Marrakech


My plan was to live there for one month, while I nailed my message and built my website. I had decided that my focus would be on team and relationscoaching, but after I finished the work with my copywriter, I ended up in a completely different place.


I remember saying to her – Holy shit – this was not where I was supposed to go! What happened?
What had happened, was that the process that she took me through, ended up with me coming out on the other end as a Womens Empowerment Coach.


I was shocked for some time and then decided to go with it. I think this shows the importance of surrendering to the process


It is not all that strange that I ended up as such, because the name of my coachbusiness has since the start in 2002 been empowerment-coaching!
It all seems to catch up on you in mysterious ways, doesn´t it? It is almost like a felt back then that this is where I was supposed to be 12 years later.



When the daily humdrum is eliminated, the voice of the heart becomes clear



The move to Marrakech gave me the space to really find my way. I had a lot of time to myself and time to listen to the whisper from my calling – to listen to the voice within and to tune into where life was leading me. To truly listen to my intuition.


For many years I had a job where I was of service to people so I also knew that in some way my new calling would be in those lines. My work today is also being of service though in a different way – a way that is in alignment with my own evolution.


All these changes have been scary and I have chosen to trust that taking this leap of faith would bring me to a good place.


My dream of living abroad for one month has so far been extended to several months and is now heading for the first year, so my commuting between Oslo and Marrakech might even be indefinitely.


As you can see life does not go according to plan. I have the last year really felt the saying that goes: When you make a plan, God laughs at you!


And my experience is that things turn out to be better that expected


Instead of developing a teamcoachingbusiness, my main focus is now on empowering women to find their adventure and purpose by taking them on Magical Wild Woman Adventure here in Marrakech.



Magic happens when you approach things with an open heart and


Magic starts at the edge of your comfortzone.



I took a leap of faith into the unknown. It was very scary and the road has just unfolded in front of me. I will tell you more about that later.


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Have we got life ALL wrong?

This morning I got this little video in my inbox – I have seen it several times before, and I adore it each time, so today I wanted to share it with you.


And it inspired me to write a new blogpost


This is a sweet and short 2 minutes watch about music and life or shall I say, The Meaning of Life


You can enjoy it here



When I was a child, I was very much into books, art, music and creativity. I loved to read, draw, paint and listen to music.
And I come from a middleclass background where everyone was urged to get an education and find a safe and secure job. I was a good student, but at that time I did not know what I wanted to be/do in my life.


Pursuing the more artistic and creative way was quite far out and unimaginable to me. I did not know anyone who did that, so I did what my friends and schoolmates did – I went to nursingschool and after that I worked full time in different hospitals for about 25 years.


I don’t regret it, the job was often times very rewarding, I could easily change jobs, so I worked in different parts of the country and also abroad, the pay was decent, it was fairly stable and the benefits were great. Everything you’re supposed to have in a job.


But I couldn’t exactly say that I was living the dream – I started to get impatient and feel stuck. Every time I saw some of my collegues getting a medal or gold watch for having stayed in the same job for a number of years, it freaked me out and I always felt that that was not going to be me.


I just KNEW there was more to life than the way I was living it now.


I wanted bigger things. I wanted to live my life differently.


After I started my coachtraining back in 2002, I told myself: I’ll start my dreamlife when the time is right. It took me 5 years to acquire the guts to quit my permanent job and become a freelancer.


I then promised myself to seriously focus on my coachbusiness, but it was SO easy and convenient to get temp nursingjobs that I never really got around to put full focus on my coachbusiness, so I kept on being a freelancer.

Being my own boss is very important to me, so I was very happy to be in the position of deciding my own schedule, but as time went by, I again started to feel that I still was not living my dream and the impatience came back in full flow.


I literally woke up one morning and realized that I could not ignore my calling anymore.
I got this urge that I had to change my life radically.


And the only person who could do that was me, myself, I


If not now when, if not me who


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5 Tips to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination has been a big thing for some time.  I have been wondering why this ´disease´ has been catching on so much.


A few years ago I hardly new what procrastination was.  It was my coach who introduced me to it back then.


Anyway, I am very good at procrastinating.  You can see that from my blogposts.  I started in november last year and never really got going, so now I have looked a bit into why I and so many people are procrastinating.



I have 5 tips for you to get ahead with procrastination and all of these are reasons that I see are valid for myself.



1. Become aware and acknowledge that procrastination is harmful for you.


The first thing you need to admit is that procrastination is actually doing bad things to you — if you think it’s not a big problem, you won’t take any of the other steps listed below.


Then you will probably recognize yourself more in the picture below.   I certainly do that sometimes.


So what harm is the procrastination causing?


Well, it might be stopping you from achieving your dreams or big goals, from pushing your boundaries and learning new things. It might be causing you anxiety, and making your work suffer.


And this is where you need to get clear on your motivation.  In the face of discomfort, it is easy to forget the motivation.  When you remind yourself of that big dream, the tasks ahead of you will feel easier.



2.  Set intentions.


When you start an activity, like opening your email or starting to write something, or even opening your computer or starting your day, pause to think about what your intention is with that activity.


Make an intention to be mindful and notice your procrastination.


Setting intentions doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll actually achieve what you set out to do, but it helps you to learn to get better at that with practice.





3.  Commitment.


Making a commitment to being aware is a great tool for remembering.


You can write what you are committed to on a piece of paper and look at it every morning.

Or tell someone else about it. Post it on your blog or Twitter. Have someone check on you weekly.


Whatever you do, commit as seriously as you can.

If you don´t, you most likely will end up postponing things ´forever´ .



4.  Be clear on priorities and stop compulsively checking things.


What tasks are more important?


It’s hard to know when you’re caught up in the flow of things.  Everything seems important. Step back and think about what matters most, what will make the most difference in the world and in your life.


You can then see what you need to focus on and make time for.


Social Media is definitely the top distraction.  Often we compulsively check email, social media, blogs, news sites, etc.  We have those tabs open all the time and go and check them every few minutes.


Often it’s a need to be up-to-date on everything, a fear that we might miss out on something.  And often it’s just the temporary pleasure of getting something new in our inboxes,  or of finding something interesting and pleasurable.


A big part of my job is to be on top of SoMe AND I still know I can be more effective and prioritize my time here – like setting aside time to do my own blogging.



5. Reminders.


This can be setting the timer every couple of hours to remind you to check in with yourself if your actions match your intentions.


Or you can download one of the many Apps that have been created for us procrastinators.


Yes!  There are loads of anti-procrastination apps!


One of the most popular is called Freedom and it has been downloaded 1.1 million times.  It cuts you off from the internet entirely.


Others are Write or Die, Stop Procrastinating, Finish and even Yelling Mom!


I have not tried any of these.  If you have experience in using them – please share in the comments.


Of course procrastination itself is not new.


French writer Victor Hugo apparently used to take off all his clothes and have them hidden by his valet so that he couldn’t leave the house


His method may be a tips for some of you?


Or as Ellen DeGeneres says : ” Procrastinate now, don´t put it off.



5 Reasons to Follow Your Dreams

As you have probably noticed, following the dream has been the main theme in my life for the last few months


I have now lived in Marrakech for half a year – unbelievable!


Well, a more correct way to put it, is that I sort of commute between Oslo and Marrakech – having a place to live in both cities.


And that has also been a long time dream of mine – having a home in different countries!


And living in Marrakech has also made another dream come true, as you can see in the video below!




And here comes my 5 Reasons to Follow Your Dreams:



1. You will realize the incredible things that you are capable of doing


When you step forward to pursue your dream, you will face challenges that you could never have anticipated that you would be  able to work through.


You will shock yourself at your ability to handle any situation and you will allow for nothing to stop you.


You will feel energized and excited by the life that YOU are choosing to live and you will feel proud of what you are doing.


You will feel that the world around you will help you reach your dream and you will inspire others to follow theirs.



2. Because no one else is going to follow your dreams for you


Just face it, no one will pursue your dream for you.  If you don´t do it, no one else will.


AND when you do it, you will meet other dreamseekers who will support you and help you achieve your dream.  And you can serve as an example to others why they should give it a try.


By doing what you want to do instead of what others want you to do, you inspire and allow for others to do the same.



3. You will become courageous


At some point your dream will mean so much to you that you become unstoppable.


No matter what your fears are, you will not allow them to stop you.  You will stare your fears in the face and let go of them.


You will aim higher and big dreams are paradoxically more likely to come true, because smaller ambitions are more easily overpowered.


You will come to know that failure is just a part of success and that it was all worth it in the end.  Courage is your fuel to achieve amazing success in life.



4. You will like yourself more


You are living the life that YOU are choosing to live and that will make you feel good about yourself.


You will realize your potential and also realize the potential of others.  When you feel better about yourself and your life, the people around you will start feeling better about themselves also, because you are a living proof that it is possible to live a dream.


When others doubt your ability to follow your dream, you will let that add fuel to your fire and enjoy the excitement of doing something you have always wanted to do.



5. Following your dream is rejuvenating


Yes, you are never too old to follow your dream.  Age means nothing when we look for what we want.


Children love magic and dreams.  If you don´t follow your dream, you will forget how it feels to live hopeful and young.


It also gives you something to share and inspire your own children with.


You become an interesting person by showing others that you have meaning, direction and purpose.


“Don’t you find it odd,” she continued, “that when you’re a kid, everyone, all the world, encourages you to follow your dreams. But when you’re older, somehow they act offended if you even try.” – Ethan Hawke



And reason no. 6


I know I said 5 reasons, but here is a little bonus for you



6.  Following your dream is better than watching TV!



So I will continue to follow my crazy dreams!



What about you?


I can help you find your dream.  Click here and let´s talk!

When is it good enough?

I have for a while now worked on my new website. And the big question lately has been: When is it good enough?


I started out with very high ambitions about a perfect website, and I have lowered the bar gradually. Because what is perfect? Nothing is perfect. We can always strive for something better AND the clue is to know when something is good enough right here, right now, because the present moment is all we have, right?


During this creation process, I have met people who say they have been in the making of their website for a long time – one as long as 4 years!


So then two months is not so bad…


Making a website has been a lot more work than I had anticipated AND I think that part of the slow process is the fear of it not being good enough – the fear that people shall not like it – that they will not find it interesting etc etc.


And the fear of putting myself out there – a website is pretty personal.
And then I´m thinking that I am not perfect, so why should my website be perfect?






I work on improving myself all the time, and I can improve the website even after it has been made public – something I am quite sure will happen.


A master coach told me that a website will never be finished, that I will want to change it and improve it for as long as I have it, and maybe even make a new one down the line.


It is a bit like life itself – the road is made while you are walking – there are always new things coming along on the path that may change your direction.


I believe it is important to have a picture of the Shangri La that you are walking towards, ans also to know that what you have right now is good enough at this moment in time.


I just decided that my website is good enough for now. So here it is!


I hope you will enjoy it. And maybe also come on one of my adventures here in Marrakech!


How long did it take you to build your website? (for those of you who have one)