When is it good enough?

I have for a while now worked on my new website. And the big question lately has been: When is it good enough?


I started out with very high ambitions about a perfect website, and I have lowered the bar gradually. Because what is perfect? Nothing is perfect. We can always strive for something better AND the clue is to know when something is good enough right here, right now, because the present moment is all we have, right?


During this creation process, I have met people who say they have been in the making of their website for a long time – one as long as 4 years!


So then two months is not so bad…


Making a website has been a lot more work than I had anticipated AND I think that part of the slow process is the fear of it not being good enough – the fear that people shall not like it – that they will not find it interesting etc etc.


And the fear of putting myself out there – a website is pretty personal.
And then I´m thinking that I am not perfect, so why should my website be perfect?






I work on improving myself all the time, and I can improve the website even after it has been made public – something I am quite sure will happen.


A master coach told me that a website will never be finished, that I will want to change it and improve it for as long as I have it, and maybe even make a new one down the line.


It is a bit like life itself – the road is made while you are walking – there are always new things coming along on the path that may change your direction.


I believe it is important to have a picture of the Shangri La that you are walking towards, ans also to know that what you have right now is good enough at this moment in time.


I just decided that my website is good enough for now. So here it is!


I hope you will enjoy it. And maybe also come on one of my adventures here in Marrakech!


How long did it take you to build your website? (for those of you who have one)

2 thoughts on “When is it good enough?”

  1. Hello Synnove! Wow congrats on your website! It looks fresh and open. I guess the way you want your ladies to stand in life?
    We met in Morocco , a country where we hopefully will have many more magical meetings!
    Wishing you a briljant start!
    Marlene Pauly

  2. Thanks Marlene!
    Yes, that is the way I want my ladies to stand! I look forward to lots more magic and miracles in Morooco too – see you over new years:-)) And welcome to Marrakech!

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