Transformational Courage Coaching Program



A 6 months program where I will guide you from Fear and Self doubt to

Freedom and Self Confidence.



I will be your Transformational Courage Coach who will guide you from Fear to Freedom, so that you can find your Dharma, your Big Why, Your Purpose and get the courage to live your dream life before it´s too late


I work with Empowering Heartfelt and Spiritual women who have come to the point where they feel they must find their Purpose, their Dharma, their Big Why – why you are here on earth at this point in time.

And find the courage to live it.


You have the power to change your own life and you get that confidence from working with me.


I help you rediscover life´s magic so that you can live your wild, free and authentic life with full expression of your purpose.


In this program you will get my help to:

  • bust and HEAL old patterns by learning to TRUST yourself and your INNER WISDOM
  • learn to listen to and TRUST your heart so that you can move from self doubt to self confidence, strengthen your self worth and find SELF LOVE
  • discover your LIFE PURPOSE, find your EXPRESSION of it and start living YOUR ADVENTURE
  •  RELEASE money blocks/fears
  • learn to LOVE your sensitivity and vulnerability and find your spiritual GODDESS energy
  • embrace your GIFTS, shine your LIGHT and claim your DESTINY

This is an offer for you women who find it difficult to set aside/carve out time to come to my in person retreats here in Marrakech.

Or for you who want more individual ongoing support.

You can now sign up to work with me  in the comfort of your own home.


What I offer is:


Individual one-on-one coaching:


This is a 6 months program including 12 calls, each 45 minutes (2 per month) in addition to a 2 hour Discoverysession.


The calls will be conducted via Skype or telephone.


You will have unlimited email access to me.


During these 6 months I will provide you with many tools to help you on your journey towards living the life of your dreams.

I will support you with my intuition driven coaching, help you connect the dots and gain clarity, provide accountability and encouragement and there will be some creative surprise tools dotted along the journey.


To start your Journey from Fear to Freedom simply

Click here for your complimentary Discoverysession.


The header picture of this page works as a spiritual metaphor for coaching. In this picture you can see from the entrance through all the rooms ahead of you – one after the other.

Coaching is about opening the doors and enter new ´rooms´.  Discover possibilities and places you had forgotten or didn´t even realize that you had.


To remember who you are, you must forget who they told you to be.