Have we got life ALL wrong?

This morning I got this little video in my inbox – I have seen it several times before, and I adore it each time, so today I wanted to share it with you.


And it inspired me to write a new blogpost


This is a sweet and short 2 minutes watch about music and life or shall I say, The Meaning of Life


You can enjoy it here



When I was a child, I was very much into books, art, music and creativity. I loved to read, draw, paint and listen to music.
And I come from a middleclass background where everyone was urged to get an education and find a safe and secure job. I was a good student, but at that time I did not know what I wanted to be/do in my life.


Pursuing the more artistic and creative way was quite far out and unimaginable to me. I did not know anyone who did that, so I did what my friends and schoolmates did – I went to nursingschool and after that I worked full time in different hospitals for about 25 years.


I don’t regret it, the job was often times very rewarding, I could easily change jobs, so I worked in different parts of the country and also abroad, the pay was decent, it was fairly stable and the benefits were great. Everything you’re supposed to have in a job.


But I couldn’t exactly say that I was living the dream – I started to get impatient and feel stuck. Every time I saw some of my collegues getting a medal or gold watch for having stayed in the same job for a number of years, it freaked me out and I always felt that that was not going to be me.


I just KNEW there was more to life than the way I was living it now.


I wanted bigger things. I wanted to live my life differently.


After I started my coachtraining back in 2002, I told myself: I’ll start my dreamlife when the time is right. It took me 5 years to acquire the guts to quit my permanent job and become a freelancer.


I then promised myself to seriously focus on my coachbusiness, but it was SO easy and convenient to get temp nursingjobs that I never really got around to put full focus on my coachbusiness, so I kept on being a freelancer.

Being my own boss is very important to me, so I was very happy to be in the position of deciding my own schedule, but as time went by, I again started to feel that I still was not living my dream and the impatience came back in full flow.


I literally woke up one morning and realized that I could not ignore my calling anymore.
I got this urge that I had to change my life radically.


And the only person who could do that was me, myself, I


If not now when, if not me who


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