Life does not turn out according to plan

As I told you in my last mail, I got the urge to change my life radically. That happened about a year and a half ago. I just got that feeling:

It´s now or never.


For some of you, a change may be to change workplace or location – I knew that for me it involved a bigger change and I felt that if I was willing to open myself to the possibilities, they would present themselves.


I had no idea how this change was going to look, I just knew that I wanted to follow this calling and live my lifes purpose


What I did know was that I wanted to put 100% focus on my coachbusiness, so in the first place I signed up for a coachingretreat in Bali – a Money Goddess retreat at the cost of 8000$ plus airfare!


I had no idea where to get the money, I just knew I had to go. So for the first time in my life, I opted in for creditcard debt – there is a first time for everything! (And it turned out that the money thing sorted itself out)


During this course, I realized that in order to put full focus on my business, I had to go live somewhere else, otherwise it would be too easy to do other things ( I knew myself that much)


I had at that point for the last 7 years been traveling a lot in Morocco, so when it came to choosing my location the natural choice for me was to go and stay in Marrakech.



Jonh Lennon


 Sunrise view from my balcony in Marrakech


My plan was to live there for one month, while I nailed my message and built my website. I had decided that my focus would be on team and relationscoaching, but after I finished the work with my copywriter, I ended up in a completely different place.


I remember saying to her – Holy shit – this was not where I was supposed to go! What happened?
What had happened, was that the process that she took me through, ended up with me coming out on the other end as a Womens Empowerment Coach.


I was shocked for some time and then decided to go with it. I think this shows the importance of surrendering to the process


It is not all that strange that I ended up as such, because the name of my coachbusiness has since the start in 2002 been empowerment-coaching!
It all seems to catch up on you in mysterious ways, doesn´t it? It is almost like a felt back then that this is where I was supposed to be 12 years later.



When the daily humdrum is eliminated, the voice of the heart becomes clear



The move to Marrakech gave me the space to really find my way. I had a lot of time to myself and time to listen to the whisper from my calling – to listen to the voice within and to tune into where life was leading me. To truly listen to my intuition.


For many years I had a job where I was of service to people so I also knew that in some way my new calling would be in those lines. My work today is also being of service though in a different way – a way that is in alignment with my own evolution.


All these changes have been scary and I have chosen to trust that taking this leap of faith would bring me to a good place.


My dream of living abroad for one month has so far been extended to several months and is now heading for the first year, so my commuting between Oslo and Marrakech might even be indefinitely.


As you can see life does not go according to plan. I have the last year really felt the saying that goes: When you make a plan, God laughs at you!


And my experience is that things turn out to be better that expected


Instead of developing a teamcoachingbusiness, my main focus is now on empowering women to find their adventure and purpose by taking them on Magical Wild Woman Adventure here in Marrakech.



Magic happens when you approach things with an open heart and


Magic starts at the edge of your comfortzone.



I took a leap of faith into the unknown. It was very scary and the road has just unfolded in front of me. I will tell you more about that later.


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